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Terms of use Wellads


Wellads.in welcome you access this website, means you abide by the following terms : Including those terms available by hyperlinks which make you sure that this website works for you everyone. Wellads is provided to you by the wellads.in bestshop99 Trading Private Ltd. Vishakhapatnam. Terms of use constitute a legal binding agreement between you (means someone use the web site) and wellads.in.   The terms are applicable 2014 and also for new users. You can accept these terms by clicking the button “Create account” when registering wellads.in account.

Using wellads

When you use this web site or its related web site services you accept that you will not :

(a) Break any rules and regulations

(b) Violate the post instructions

(c) Send and transmit any false /misleading things of any types

(d) Avoid any third party rights

(e) Contribute to imposing any load without sufficient reasons on our infrauctures

(f) Interface with proper working of wellads.in

(g) Modify or distribute any other persons materials without proper consent

(h) Use any automated means to reach well ads are collect any content without permission in writing

(i) Bypass any norms used to protect any access to wellads

(j) If we believe / note that you are breaching the terms of use by anyway are behave doubtedly on the web site, then we can intimate to other users or in contact with you

Abusing wellads

Our web site and its team is working together to keep the all services properly.  If in anyway it is reported that any offensive content are policy breaching to us, we may without prior information, issue warnings are terminate our services and also take legal action. We will note accept any liabilities for any unlawful / unauthorised content are use of wellads by users.

Market place Wellads.in

Market place means global market.  Our web site may display your advertisement pertaining to sale/purchases on other sites services, applications are tools which are part of E-bay community such as sites of others countries. You accept and agree that your ad can be displayed on other sites. Our terms are alike to these sites and services but however, you will be subject to additional laws or other restrictions’ of that country where your ad is displayed in this case, you may be responsible for ensuring that this does not violate other sites/ services and policies, if it is noticed that it causes any problems/ violations of law or policy, we may remove your ad immediately to safe guard the spirit of the web sites.

Services / fees

As a general our web site is free of cost for usage, however in certain cases where fee is involved, we charge of fee.   The fee is clearly disclosed at the time of posting of your ad and we enable you to accept and review the terms of use.   We may change then from time to time change in our fee policy will be notified to you through our website.   Change is nominal and for promotional event or new services.

You are responsible to pay the wellads fee when it is due. If you fail to the fee, we are entitled under the terms of use to limit your ability to use the services.   For collection of fees, other machination law also be exercised.

If terms of use, other rules, posting rules, either directly or indirectly are noticed to be breached, we may delete your ad from our website. If you wonted have pay fees for such a ad you are entitled  to refund  such a fee, however , the right is reserve with us to refund the fee for use of our website , services, applications and tools.


The wellads contains contents from all of us as from us, you and its users. The site is safe guarded by copyright laws and treaties abroad.  The contents displayed is protected as collective compilation pursuant to laws and international conventions. Your agreement is not to copy or indirectly by express or communicating without obtaining.   You agree not to reproduce the contents as hard copy or electronically, not to modify/ sell, resell / display for any purpose, any aspect of wellads.in


It is to be noted that content not be posted which infringes the third party as content the infringes on intelfual   property rights such as copyright, design, trademark also includes.

A huge number of products of all types are offered or our website.   if a legal person of entitled party reports this in a proper way, products infringing on the intellectual property rights will be deleted by wellads.in

For participating in the notice of infringement programme, you have to complete “ notice infringement form”  and send it to wellads form should have your signature to report advertisements which may infringe your property rights.  Form is used only for the purpose of ensuring that parties reporting these objects are either the entitled parties or their officially authorised representative.   The information should enable the wellads.in to identify the advertisement to be deleted once we have received your completed form, you can report this matter via email address provided.  It is worth noting that this form can only used by lawful owners.   For all other questions you can refer to our wellads.in site help.


No one shell limit our liability for fraudulent case or mis preparations.  You agree users post or do we do not guarantee for the accuracy of postings or users communications or the quality, safety or legally of what is offered.  In no case we accepted liability of any description for the posting of any unlawful, abusive, or indecent information or material that violates upon the rights of any other person.  We also cannot guarantee errofree or secure access to our services. We do not give promise of any warranties about the operation and availability of our sites, services, application or tools.  We are not liable for any loss whether of monetary (including profit) good will or reputation or constitutional damage caused due to you use.


In case of any dispute with one or more wellads.in  users you leave us and our all officials and employees from all kind of claims, damages, of any mature, known or not known.  Coming out of this way and related with such type of disputes.

Rights of third parties

Everyone can use this website who is a party to the agreement of contract.   The person who is not party to the contract Agreement has “ no right” under the act 1999 in both the cases third party right should not be affected in any way.

Personal information

By use of the site ( ie wellads.in) you agree to the collection transmit communicate transfer, and use of your personal information by the wellads.in  on servers located in India you also agree to receive marketing communications’ from us until and unless you like not to receive the communications.

Resolution of disputes

In case of happening of any dispute between wellads.in and you, we, the wellads.in, recommended you that you, first of all must contacts straightway for suitable resolution of a dispute by accessing to the help page of wellads.in provided therein for this purpose.  Your request for reasonable resolution will be considered and resolution will be given our dispute resolution procedures.   Mediation and arbitrations can be an alternate measurements to litigations.


The whole agreement is the constitution of our forms and policies posted on the wellads.in superseding any prior agreements the agreement signed between you and us will wholly be governed by laws enacted by Govt of India, New Delhi.  All legal aspects like claims or disputes will be resolved by court of laws, New Delhi (India) or lower courts under their jurisdiction.

It the court of law strikes down any of these forms the remaining terms will service.  Any agency partnership joint venture, employee – employer relationship created by the wellads.in your notices must be dispatched by registered post to wellads.in  Pvt Ltd. we will send  all notices to you through your email address provided or by registered post agreement may be updated by us at any time and same changes updating will be nitrated will – in –time for any help and amendment, help page may be refer to.

Ad Posting Rules Wellads.in

Strictly Prohibited

a) Police, Army, Navy and Air force any kind of matters and Related Items strictly not allowed

b) Adult Massage services, Escort Services strictly Prohibited

c) Adoption of Children & Babies

d) Any kind of government service - Only consultancy/guidance is allowed

e) Adult/Pornographic Material

f) Alcohol

g) Animals for fight/race

h) Blood, Bodily Fluids and Body Parts

i) Fireworks, Explosives and Explosive Substances

j) Government IDs and Licenses

k) Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Items and chemicals

l) High school diplomas, university certificates, etc.

m) Hospital equipment and general aesthetic

n) Human Parts and Remains

o) Illegal Drugs

p) Items that hurt the Laws for the Protection of Historical, Artistic and Cultural significance

q) Lottery Tickets, Sweepstakes Entries

r) Offensive Material - examples include ethnically or racially offensive material

s) Pharmaceutical products (prescribed or not)

t) Photos of artists/singers/entertainers are not allowed unless with permit

u) Playing cards not allowed

v) Political matters and Ads is not allowed

w) Products without the approval and registration of government agencies such as CNG, Pepper Spray, LPG, Cylinders

x) Sheeshah or Hookah with flavor content

y) Steroids

z) Stocks and Other Securities

aa) Surveillance Equipment

bb) Tobacco Products not allowed

cc) Weapons & Knives any kind weapons not allowed

dd) Wildlife Products - mounted specimens, and ivory

ee) SPAMMING is strictly NOT ALLOWED.

ff) EXCESSIVE DUPLICATES are NOT ALLOWED & would be removed!

gg) EXCESSIVE daily posting that point to a common website is NOT ALLOWED & would be BANNED and REMOVED from our website and YOUR ACTION would RESULT in your WEBSITE BANNED as well as in our other network of classifieds!

hh) PORNOGRAPHIC in nature of any kind NOT ALLOWED!

ii) ESCORT service of any kind NOT ALLOWED!

jj) BLACK MAGIC of any kind NOT ALLOWED!


***Violation of the Terms Of Use, Service and Website Privacy Policy could and would result in your advertisement to be REMOVED from this website and YOUR ACTION would also RESULT in your WEBSITE BANNED as well as in our other network of classifieds (long list of top ranking, reputable, associated, affiliated websites as per Professional Webmasters Recommendation.)

FURTHER ENQUIRY / ADVICE / HELP / ASSISTANCE / COMPLAINT, please write to info@wellads.in and allow us 24 hours to reply.